Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Only Thing That Matters...Book excerpt #2

(Note: This picks up where the last excerpt left off. For purposes of continuity, daily reading will prove very helpful.)

Let’s begin here.

Something very unusual is occurring on this planet right now. You have no doubt noticed it. It may be producing a more than normal amount of challenge and disjointedness in your life, and perhaps even some major upheavals. You are probably noticing it in the lives of others as well.

For a while you may have thought that this was all just your mind playing tricks on you; that things were not really happening any differently, and that you’re just a little tired, a little overcommitted, a little oversensitive.

But now, as each day presents itself with obstacles mounting and challenges increasing and more and more personal issues coming up to be faced and healed, it is apparent that all of this is not an illusion, not an exaggeration. So you may be asking: “Why is all this happening? What am I doing wrong?”

And here’s the answer . . .

You’re doing nothing wrong.

AND . . . there is something very unusual going on right now in your life, and all over this planet.

Call it an energy shift, call it a cosmic cycle, call it the overhaul of humanity, or whatever you will, but what’s occurring on Earth right now is, you can be sure, very real. It’s touching lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Some lives more than others, but none are immune.

This experience is global in scope. Talk to people. Just ask them. Talk to people anywhere, everywhere. They’ll tell you: Yes, life has been tumultuous lately. More than usual. More than normal. For some, more than ever.

Now there’s a danger here, and that danger is not in what is happening, but in how you may construe what is happening. The danger is that you will view what’s going on as “bad,” and then react from utter frustration or fear, or even anger (which is Fear Announced), doing exactly the opposite of what would serve you.

The biggest danger is that because of the inaccuracy of your perception, you will miss a once-in-a-lifetime (literally a once-in-a-lifetime) opportunity.

The good news is that your Soul is working hard to make sure you don’t do that. It is working at this right now, in this moment.
One last time: Do you really think it is happenstance that you are reading this . . . ?

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(NOTE from NDW SUPPORT: Neale considers THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS (just released from Hay House) to be his most important book to emerge from God's inspiration since "Conversations with God." Neale's dream is that everyone could read every word that's in this text. He is therefore posting the entire book, line-by-line, here on Facebook, in daily excerpts. He hopes that you will find the book as beneficial as he has.)

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