Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5th excerpt from The Only Thing That Matters

(Note: This picks up where the last excerpt left off. For purposes of continuity, daily reading will prove very helpful.)

What is occurring in your life right now is that your Awareness is growing —and now you are hearing its voice.

In strictest terms a “growth” in your Awareness is not possible. Your Awareness is what it is; it does not “grow” larger and larger. That’s because your Awareness rests within your Soul, and your Soul does not get bigger, or in some way “more,” than it always was and is now.

It is your Mind that expands. For easy understanding, it could be said that Awareness rests in the Soul and Attention resides in the Mind.

So to put what is occurring in your life another way, you are now paying greater Attention to your Awareness. It’s one thing to be “aware,” but it is another thing altogether to pay attention to what your Soul is aware of (instead of ignoring it, which most people do most of the time).

This mixture of the two is what might be called Consciousness. When your Mind pays attention to your Soul, and your Mind and Soul thus carry the same data, hold the same idea, and possess the same perspective, you might be said to be fully conscious.

So, in real terms, it is your Consciousness that is expanding as the Awareness of your Soul comes to the Attention of your Mind.
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(NOTE from NDW SUPPORT: Neale considers THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS (just released from Hay House) to be his most important book to emerge from God's inspiration since "Conversations with God." Neale's dream is that everyone could read every word that's in this text. He is therefore posting the entire book, line-by-line, here on Facebook, in daily excerpts. He hopes that you will find the book as beneficial as he has.)

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