Friday, July 5, 2013

7th excerpt from The Only Thing That Matters

(Note: This picks up where the last excerpt left off. For purposes of continuity, daily reading will prove very helpful.)

The reason that life’s events seem to many people to be in the way is that many people have no idea where they’re going. They do not know that on the path they were intended to take, there are no obstacles.

The obstacles that people are encountering have not been plunked down suddenly and ruthlessly by Life, right in the middle of the path they’re traveling. Rather, the path they’re traveling is the one with obstacles already on it.

Why? Why would people be traveling the road with all the detours, all the pitfalls and potholes and stumbling blocks, and finally, all the dead ends?

It’s because they’ve been given poor directions, or a very badly drawn map.

The way people have been told they’re supposed to go is not the way they came here to go. And that is why 98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of their time on things that just don’t matter.

When you turn that around, you’ll turn your life around.

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(NOTE from NDW SUPPORT: Neale considers THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS (just released from Hay House) to be his most important book to emerge from God's inspiration since "Conversations with God." Neale's dream is that everyone could read every word that's in this text. He is therefore posting the entire book, line-by-line, here on Facebook, in daily excerpts. He hopes that you will find the book as beneficial as he has.)

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