Friday, November 29, 2013

After reading the preface, my first reaction was,

"She needs to leave him.  She doesn't have to put up with that.  It ain't worth the stress," but after I read the article...the author actually makes some very good points that I find hard to counter because his logic does make sense.  

From the author:
Let’s call her Tara. Tara emailed me in response to an article I wrote.  Her man broke her trust (she didn’t go into details). She’s upset because he’s trying to make her hurry up and ‘get over it’. She also suspects he will get tired of the uphill climb out the doghouse and will just move on to the next one. She is trying to figure out whether to stay and work through it, or do a preemptive strike and leave.
Before you are quick to say ‘LEAVE HIM!!!’, read the article.

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