Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Excerpt #14 ...The Only Thing That Matters

(Note: This picks up where the last excerpt left off. For purposes of continuity, daily reading will prove very helpful.)

For now, let’s get back to the original literary style. That style assumes this book is being written by someone else and you’re reading it. Let’s accept that idea and return to the original question: What does matter? And . . . if you pay attention to only that . . . what of the rest of your life?

How do you live in this world without paying attention to the things that you used to spend 98% of your time on? Hang out in a cave? Enter a monastery? Become an ascetic? “Drop out,” as thousands did in the sixties counterculture of hippies in communes disillusioned with conventional values?

No. The idea here is not to walk away, or to walk around in a meditative daze, abandoning all constructive activity. The idea is to refocus your life’s intention, so that one day it may be said that 98% of your time is being spent on things that do matter.

The surprise here will be that when this happens, your activities themselves probably won’t change very much. Even if everyone on the planet read this book, agreed with it, and began spending 98% of their time on what does matter, people’s activities wouldn’t change that much.

People would still get up and go to work—or create some way to survive.

People would still marry and have kids—or create someone to love and by whom to be loved.

People would still run and jump and dance and sing and laugh—or create some way to entertain themselves, to bring joy into their days and nights, and to be happy.

So the question becomes: if what humans do won’t change that much, what will make what they do suddenly matter?

The answer lies not in what they do, but in how and why they do it. The answer is: something matters if it leads to and produces a particular kind of result—a result desired by the Soul. A result desired by Life Itself.

It is when the way in which you are doing anything facilitates the Larger Goal that you are seeking to reach that it matters.

Yet what human beings are doing cannot facilitate what they are trying to accomplish if they don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. They must be aware of the Larger Goal they are seeking to reach. And therein lies the problem. Most people don’t know what they’re doing.

That is not meant in any way pejoratively. It is a simple statement of fact. Most people have little understanding of the nature of the Journey they are on, much less how to arrive at their desired destination.

It is the things they are doing day-to-day that play a huge role in moving them toward, or away from, their Larger Goal, yet most are not aware of where they were intending to go to begin with, and so, as one comedian wryly noted: “If we’re not careful, we’ll all wind up exactly where we’re headed.”
Today the earth is populated with billions of people desperately hoping to “get somewhere,” but having no idea of where they’re going.

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(NOTE from NDW SUPPORT: Neale considers THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS (just released from Hay House) to be his most important book to emerge from God's inspiration since "Conversations with God." Neale's dream is that everyone could read every word that's in this text. He is therefore posting the entire book, line-by-line, here on Facebook, in daily excerpts. He hopes that you will find the book as beneficial as he has.)

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