Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book excerpt #15...The Only Thing That Matters

Note: This picks up where the last excerpt left off. For purposes of continuity, daily reading will prove very helpful.)

The first step in moving into clarity on where you’re going is moving into clarity on where you are right now, on who you are to begin with, and on why you are here.

On Earth, that is.

What are you doing here? What is the point of this? What is Life’s purpose?

These are the questions that have to be answered before you can begin to make decisions about The Only Thing That Matters—to say nothing of living your daily life focused on that. So the next few chapters—Part Two of this book—will be devoted to a deep investigation of these very questions.

As you move through these next pages, know that this is an exploration for which your Mind has earnestly yearned. Your Mind, you see, has been trying for years to make sense of a life that makes no sense at all. Now, thanks to the Knowledge of your Soul, you will be placing everything that is happening in your life into a new context—a context in which life finally does make sense.

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(NOTE from NDW SUPPORT: Neale considers THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS (just released from Hay House) to be his most important book to emerge from God's inspiration since "Conversations with God." Neale's dream is that everyone could read every word that's in this text. He is therefore posting the entire book, line-by-line, here on Facebook, in daily excerpts. He hopes that you will find the book as beneficial as he has.

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